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High Pressure Cleaning Strathmore Heights

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Trusted Cleaning is your one-stop shop for a range of home maintenance, repair work, and building services. We can easily repair, install, and construct whatever you throw our direction!

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About Us

A great deal of house owners typically say that it is difficult to find a dependable, qualified cleaning provider. With years of practical experience across Strathmore Heights, you can trust your local Trusted Cleaning crew of home improvement specialists to look after you and your home. There are many main reasons to call on Trusted Cleaning. We are the best choice when anything needs to be repaired, installed or built at your residence. We have a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee. Contact us right now for a cost-free price estimate, and let’s get the ball rolling!

101 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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Main Services

Pressure Cleaning

Turn your tiles, bricks, ashfalt, your house and more from dull and lifeless to bright and alive! One of our favourite services to offer, you will be thankful to have chosen this service. Impress your guests and friends with Blue Cleaning Maintenance pressure washing. Refer to the below before and after photos to see what it can do for you.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is still a real problem for business and commercial property owners throughout Melbourne . Not only does it take away from the value of your company or business, it’s also invasive and takes away your sense of security. The worst part of graffiti is that it reflects poorly on you, and you’re not even the person who did it. Customers and clients will make generalizations and become less likely to venture into your place of business. Graffiti is usually an unsightly and unwelcome defacement of any property.

Gutter Cleaning

Our service includes before and after photos, a thorough clean of the gutters and flushing of all downpipes to ensure free flow of rain water to and through the downpipes. We are well aware of the consequences of not cleaning your gutters. If gutters are not cleaned relatively regularly dirt, moss and leaves can build causing water to be blocked and rise, eventually tipping over into the house roof space causing damage to plaster and mixing with wires potentially creating a fire. Further, in Summer gutters full of leaves is a fire hazard. So it’s important to keep them clear and the rain water flowing to the downpipes.

Gutter Guard Installation

The perfect way to keep your gutters clear all year round. Installed professionally and safely at affordable prices ensures you or your partner wont need to clean the gutters or get someone else to do it for a long time. Standard price for a single story gutter installation is $550 including gst and also includes the price of collection of the gutter guard.

Window Cleaning

We clear cobwebs from frames, wash flyscreens, clean sills and leave your windows looking brand new. Not only that, we perform the work efficiently and safely, adhering to all OH and S laws- we wear harnesses, strap the ladder to the gutter to ensure no movement and all workers who work at heights have a Working at Heights Certificate to ensure we do everything correctly. With the director of Blue Cleaning Maintenance having 11 years experience of window cleaning, our window cleaners have been thoroughly trained to be able to tackle every job in a safe, effective and professional manner.

Roof Cleaning

Brighten up your tiles and remove that moss! Using this service make your roof look brand new and add on to the value or at least the perceived value of the house. We use a 3000 psi (very strong) pressure washer to remove the stubborn layer of hard dirt and all moss.

Why Choose Us

  • 24/7 Availability

    We understand that emergency circumstances might and do happen. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help.

  • Free Estimation

    Phone us today for a completely FREE price estimation on the services you really need to have carried out. We will never bill you to come out and evaluate.

  • Talented Staff

    Our team is the very best around. Educated in all the current innovations and tricks of the trade. The instant our contractors arrive, you realize the task will be performed the right way the first time.

  • Certification

    Each of our licensed contractors are insured and certified. Not only for our welfare and security but the protection and security of our customers and their loved ones too.

  • Quick & Efficient

    We know your time is precious. For this reason we don’t fool around. We are fast, reliable and pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done in a well timed manner.

  • Best Materials

    Our business recognizes that a well-done job is only well done if the finest materials are used. We research and make certain that the building materials we are working with are the most reliable in the business.

Our Testimonials

More About Strathmore Heights

Refresh Your Outside Surface Areas – High Pressure Cleaning in Strathmore Heights

exterior pressure cleaning Strathmore HeightsLet us help you make your garden an event to remember by fixing up your exterior surfaces! From dusty decks and also disregarded patio areas to every piece of your drab garden furniture, we will certainly clean them with a high-pressure cleaning machine and recover their pristine look.

Trusted Pressure Cleaners in Strathmore Heights gives time- and cost-effective pressure cleaning options, which efficiently bring outdoor features, items and also surface areas back to their original condition. We collaborate with fully qualified local technicians who utilize industry-powered equipment and eco-friendly methods. The service is not restricted by time as well as is available all week round.

To reserve your pressure cleaning session, simply fill the short form on this website, or call.

What Can We Clean With High-Pressure Washing Equipment In Strathmore Heights?

The equipment is developed for use outdoors on surface areas, made from stone, brick, meta, protected wood, concrete, floor tiles or washable fabrics. So, whether you need a driveway, decking, outdoor patio, pergola or marquee cleansed, we can assist.

The effective blast of water, released from the machine, effectively eliminates mould, young weedlings, moss, mud, paint, dirt build-up, salted deposits, light corrosion and more. The outcome is rejuvenated, clean and grime-free exterior property features, which will certainly improve your yard look.

The high-pressure washing technique is safe as well as environmentally friendly because it does not employ making use of chemicals and also cleaning agents.

Why Choose Our Professional Support

Potentially, you have actually tried to cleanse your deck with a garden hose just to find that it takes you considerable time and effort to accomplish sub-par results. In addition to that your DIY effort is most likely to have an unfavorable effect on your water costs.

By handing over the cleaning upkeep of your outside surfaces to a professional, you will take advantage of the following:

Saving resources

Why spend your beneficial downtime, expend efforts, along with usage ineffectively your water resources, when you can leave the task to a knowledgeable pressure cleaner who will finish the job in an efficient way.

Surefire craftsmanship

Our expert assistance concerns you with ensured requirements of job performance, trusted insurance coverage against unexpected problems and also thorough customer assistance.

Effective outcomes

The effective equipment can usually clean up also hard-to-remove compounds, such as graffiti, hefty build-up of staining, mildew and also thick moss.

Prolonged longevity

When you turn to cleansing your exterior surfaces properly and also often, you will guarantee their sturdiness and expanded life expectancy. Your unmaintained patio, for instance, might compromise in time from the accumulation of corrosive elements and also plantlife overgrowth.

Boosted property look

Neglected exteriors quickly cheapen your property, jeopardize your company image or impact your family members credibility amongst your neighbours. Our pressure cleaning options can remedy the above in no time.
Residential Pressure Cleaning Strathmore Heights

Is the outside of your home and it’s surrounds looking unclean and also boring? Maybe you have an investment property that needs a comprehensive tidy prior to you put a tenant in. Or maybe you are obtaining a property prepared to sell but you want it to have that fresh, inviting glimmer prior to the very first inspection.

Whatever the case may be, you can save yourself money and time by involving a specialist pressure cleaner to do the work for you.

Pressure Cleaning in Strathmore Heights supplies skilled recommendations and environmentally friendly outside cleansing services to residential owners. Our cutting-edge pressure cleaning service changes and protects even the dirtiest hard outdoor surface area.

Our pressure cleaning services can invigorate your property and add years to the life of your paintwork, ceramic tiles and exterior surfaces.

We supply exceptional pressure cleansing results to our clients by incorporating hot water with high pressure to offer a superior clean.

By using an ecologically sound pressure cleaning service, you will certainly:

Maximise the value of your Strathmore Heights property

Raise the charm of a property being planned for sale or lease.
Develop a risk-free as well as sanitary environment on your own and also your family.
Boost the appearance of your house by eliminating unpleasant spots, dust mould & gunk.

We can without delay and also properly tidy the following areas around your house:

1. Roof Pressure Cleaning – we can clean up all kinds of roof including concrete tiles, clay tiles, terracotta tiles & colour bond.
2. Driveway Pressure Cleaning – our equipment can easily look after expose accumulated, stamped concrete, stencilcrete & plain concrete. We can get rid of slippery, unpleasant oil stains and years of dirt as well as grime build up. We can likewise apply a sealant for long-term results, protection and an ultra fresh look.
3. Building Wash Downs – you can extremely merely enhance the look of your home by getting rid of unpleasant dirt, mould, mold as well as discolorations. Routine cleansing will certainly additionally safeguard and maximise your paintwork.
4. Tile Pressure Cleaning- we can actually draw out years of dirt, grime, mould, as well as contaminants from your roofing tiles bring it back to its previous magnificence. This is the risk-free and also effective way to bring boring as well as outdated looking roofing system tiles back to life utilizing the most up to date modern technology in pressure cleaning.
Unlike Clay or Terracotta tiles, Concrete tiles (depending on their age 15– 20 years) may require repainting to aid protect them from soaking up moisture and also additional detrition, expanding their life so they can continue protecting your house.
5. Tennis Court Pressure Cleaning – a tennis court is a significant financial investment, and also to maximize your tennis court it is essential that it is correctly maintained with normal cleansing. This boosts surface area life as well as efficiency, and also decreases risk of injury.
6. Concrete Pressure Cleaning – filthy concrete can rapidly mature a property and provide it a slightly ‘grubby’ feeling. You can enhance the appearance as well as general cleanliness of your concrete areas and pathways with a thorough pressure tidy. You won’t think the difference an easy clean can make to the general look and feel of your property.
7. Fence as well as Wall Surface Pressure Cleaning pressure cleaning is a quick and powerful way to get rid of accumulated dirt, cobwebs and mould without back damaging scrubbing, or throwing away countless litres of precious water.
8. Brick Paving Pressure Cleaning – slippery, slimed paths produce a massive threat of serious accident. Pressure washing does away with stains from deteriorating dropped leaves as well as moss, mould and mildew. Not only will your paths be more secure to walk on, they will look great too.
9. Staircase Pressure Cleaning – pressure cleaning as well as decrease slip dangers and also the threat of injuries on stairways.
10. Garage Flooring Pressure Cleaning – keep your garage flooring in a gleaming clean state by removing oil spots, rubber marks and also grime.
11. Swimming Pool & Barbeque Area Pressure Washing-you are much less likely to appreciate your outside living area when it is filthy as well as a little worn-out looking. Normal pressure cleaning will certainly reduce slip threats and also keep your entertainment| area hygienic, tidy as well as in excellent condition to ensure that you can kick back and enjoy it.

No cleaning issue is too big or small for us. We are experts in cleaning challenging surface areas and discolorations such as:

Tough surface areas consisting of natural stone and terracotta.
Testing stains consisting of chewing gum and also engine oil.
Deep cleaning of kitchen ceramic tile as well as grout to make certain maximum hygiene.
Bore watermarks and corrosion stains.
Graffiti removal.

Commercial & Industrial Pressure Cleaning Provider In Strathmore Heights

grafitti removal Strathmore HeightsEvery commercial and also industrial organisation has a responsibility to provide a tidy, secure as well as healthy environment for its personnel and also visitors.

Some of the cleaning challenges dealt with by organisations of all sizes include the removal of unpleasant as well as potentially dangerous spills, spots, dust, oil, mould as well as pathogens to assure that the workplace is sanitary and also risk-free.

Loading bays and delivery locations are particularly susceptible to ending up being a hygiene and also safety headache if not maintained tidy. Hygiene aside, possible clients or customers will really feel a higher feeling of rely on your business if it is clean.

In addition, local business owner and also supervisors are also bound to be familiar with ecological based laws and also regulation, as well as make certain that they participate in certified cleaning methods.

The personnel at Trusted Cleaning in Strathmore Heights have actually been trained in high pressure washing techniques as well as we utilize innovative cleaning equipment that has actually been created with all of these factors in mind.

We recognize the incredibly broad variety of certain needs of clients in the industrial and also commercial. Specifically, we value the demand to focus on ecological compliance and secure work practices. At Trusted Cleaning we recognize the need for a cleaning company that does not disrupt the day-to-day procedures of your organisation.

Body Corporate Pressure Cleaning Strathmore Heights

body corporate pressure cleaning Strathmore HeightsEvery body corporate has a duty to maintain a clean, hygienic as well as well-presented environment for its residents.

Initially Trusted Pressure Cleaning gives an extensive evaluation for the body corporate to guarantee that every facet of your cleaning is covered which job is finished with marginal disruption to resident.

Trusted Cleaning can perform the complying with solutions for body corporate customers:

  • Concrete Pressure Cleaning
  • Concrete Sealing and also finishes
  • Parking Lot Pressure Cleaning
  • Pavement Pressure Cleaning
  • Shade Sail Pressure Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Pressure Cleaning
  • Tennis Court Pressure Cleaning
  • Fencing and wall Pressure Cleaning
  • Pathway Pressure Cleaning
  • Stairs Pressure Cleaning
  • Garage Flooring Pressure Cleaning
  • Bbq Area Pressure Cleaning
  • Pool Area Pressure Cleaning

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